QRCode, Storing Data In Picture Form

What QRCode it? QRCode is a kind of matrix code or two-dimensional barcode that looks like a picture or rectangular 8-bit with a distinctive pattern similar to the pattern of ink blots three boxes of 4 four angles.

In other words, QRCode can also be regarded as a form of evolution coding system stems from one-dimensional to two-dimensional first developed by Denso Wave (Denso Corporation) and published in 1994.

Although arguably a smaller size (as-per-ten) of the QRCode barcode in general but has a high capacity to respond quickly to any type of data both horizontally and vertically. With such reliability, QRCode itself can accommodate numerical data up to 7089 characters, 4296 characters alphabetical Data, 2844 bytes of binary code data and much more.
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Types of Follower On Twitter

Admittedly, twitter social media is a phenomenon. Often we measure fame one of the number of followers that he had. More and more of his followers, the more popular the person is in cyberspace. However, not all the “followers” actually follows an account.

The following are the types of followers by Adrian Dayton, an analyst and author of social media, which is divided into seven levels.

Level 1: The Bots
Follower of this model can be regarded as the level of ‘bottom’ in the affairs of the interaction. Let alone know who follow her in, they did not even establish interaction or even are spread spam postings aka junk.

Dayton also called a follower of this type useless, other than to simply increase the number of followers.
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Google Chrome Browser Release Mobile Version

Three and a half years after Google introduced the Chrome web browser desktop version, finally on the 7th of February, they released a mobile version of Chrome. But for now, the Chrome version can only be used for mobile phones and tablets that have been reinforced by the Android 4.0 or more familiar with the name of Ice Cream Sandwich.

Sundar Pichai, Google’s senior vice president as part of Chrome and Application, also said his joy over the successful launch of its newest product. “After going through a pretty tough process, I am very happy that we finally managed to release Chrome for Android Beta today (7/2),” Pichai wrote on his Google+ account. “We have issued the desktop version of Chrome best ability and apply it on phones and tablets with touch screen system.”

Google says that Chrome Beta for Android is able to work quickly. Even on its own web site, which chrome.blogspot.com, said that as soon as you can to scroll your finger to move it. However, the claims mentioned before comparing web browser with some of its competitors such as iOS Safari or Firefox version of Android.
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Towards Instagram Android Soon

Until now, the photo application called Instagram is often coupled with Apple’s products, ranging from iPad to iPhone. But lately, heard rumors that Instagram will be used by Android users. According to news written in the Android Invasion, the development team has promised to make Instagram Android version.

Kevin Systrom of Instagram as CEO admits that they are currently developing a special application for Android. “We have assigned two people to make Instagram for use on Android,” he said as quoted by Oktomagazine cnet.com.

Rumors about Instagram Android version gets a pretty warm welcome. In fact, on a blog called In Flex We Trust, there is a picture that shows that Instagram has to be used in the Android operating system.
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