Twitter users type are you?

In the midst of visual technologies that have increasingly sophisticated today, the text still get heart among the young and old alike. Twitter has proved it. Classified as a unique social network, only through the 140 characters Twitter is able to attract millions of users. Even in China with strict Internet control system, Twitter users have penetrated 300 million.

Among the millions of users, there are eight types of Twitter users based on his tweet. Including type are you?

This type has the ability to captivate people when reading his tweets, although limited by 140 characters. Be prepared for your smile when he saw his tweet or tweet when commenting and responding to others.
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HZ800: Qualified Headset, Futuristic Design

The need for freedom is very important call. The use of cord wrapped around can certainly interfere with the motion of having to fix the cable loops. But when you want to switch to a Bluetooth headset, another concern arises on sound quality. Motorola HZ800 try to address these issues and concerns.

Motorola HZ800 promises the best sound quality by dampening the sound of wind and noise from outside, so the recipient can clearly hear the sound of his interlocutor on the other side.

Do not just believe the promise, OktoMagazine trying to prove himself. When looking at his first appearance, HZ800 looks quite stylish and compact design with a shiny body looks elegant. Seeing the designs brought to films like Star Trek with futuristic tools.

Quite by design, HZ800 also try to be connected to the device. When turned on and connected to your smartphone, Motorola’s Bluetooth headset output directly to try to detect the device.
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MOTOROKR EQ3, Speaker Protable For mobilers

Activity requires all mobile devices must be portable. No exception to the speakers who helped to bring the music and entertainment with better sound, rather than just listening via speakerphone that is mediocre. Fortunately, Motorola brings MOTOROKR EQ3 capable of meeting the portable music entertainment.

MOTOROKR EQ3 first glance seem unique, with a box that folds open and eject the two sides of the speakers. With a black and silver colored body parts glossy make a speaker with the EQ3 compact shape, simple, and elegant.

Design EQ3 has a pretty neat design by hiding components behind two hinged joints. When open, the speakers can be set so that the angular rate helps produce the best sound.
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Defeat Firefox Chrome Streaking

Different age 4 years from its predecessor Firefox is also based on open source, now Chrome actually got through. Last November, Google’s browser output successfully crowned as the most popular internet browser after Internet Explorer.

Thus quoted from StatCounter, Chrome managed to take a 25.69 percent share of the world market. This represents an increase of 4.66 percent from November last year.

When compared to other browsers in the same period this year, under Firefox Chrome to gain a market share of 25.23 percent. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer still survives as the most popular browser in the world with 40.63 percent.

“We will see a strong fight between Microsoft and Google with the rate of growth of Chrome suggests that it will become a real rival to Internet Explorer globally,” said StatCounter CEO Aodhan Cullen.
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The power shift occurred in the Microsoft

A new year, a new leader. Apparently it happened at Microsoft at the time before the turn of the year. Microsoft’s Andy Lees ouster from office, Head of Windows Phone Business Division.

Terry Myerson is a trustworthy person to fill the vacancy left by Less. He will be responsible for business development, marketing and other things. Myerson was previously a vice president of corporate affairs phone unit technique.

While the Less, who has served as head of the Windows Phone over the past three years, will remain under CEO Steve Ballmer. In his new position, he will focus on the steps Microsoft in general with a focus on the various types of devices ranging from mobile to PC. Despite its position as president, it remains unclear who will anchor the Less.
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Majel, Siri Competitor Google Applications

Siri, a app from Apple who was loved by the community. Serves as a voice-based personal assistant, this is used on the iPhone 4S. It seems that Google does not want to miss and preparing Majel as ‘Siri Killer’.

According to a report from Android and Me, Google responds to Siri voice assistance app release since a few months ago. Mid-December, finally continuation information from Google’s secret project is revealed.

“For starters codenamed Majel, which comes from Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, better known as computer assistance that can emit sound from the movie Star Trek,” said the founder of Android and Me, Taylor.
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Where Do Your Sex? Soon login!

Like to share information about your current existence? Foursquare is probably one of the applications you commonly use to share information about where you are. With the application, you can tell all your friends where you are, shopping, dinner, or enjoy live music in the café.

Now comes an interesting application that can tell where you’ve just made love with your partner. The application is called “I Just Made Love” (IJML), an application that could provide a place where you just made love. The working principle is similar to the Foursquare app. He will mark the places where you’ve just made a pretty personal activities with the GPS-tag and pass it to your friends.

Today, the unique application you can download and available for Android and iPhone. The application also provides a variety of interesting features. You can choose the location where you will love, such as “outdoor”, “indoor”, in the car or on the couch. This application also provides a tag on the style that you use during sex are represented by stick figures images. In addition to providing information about the place and the style you love, IJML also provides a column for comments of your friends about the action you just did.
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Do Not Want Harassed, Download This Application

Currently, the level of violence and sexual harassment of women appeared to be increasing. However, with the growing technology, it can slowly been anticipated.

Now, a new application has been launched on Wednesday, December 21, 2011, in New Delhi, India. Applications called “Fight Back” is deliberately designed to reduce violence against women lately is increasing in number. With this application, the women will be able to instantly tell friends and family when they are threatened.

The use of applications developed by Fight Back Whypoll, also looks pretty easy. We can send you information about the threats we face by simply pressing a button and the message “SOS” will be sent via SMS, email, Facebook and Twitter. Once the SOS is activated, the receiving party will be able to track our location via GPS to give us help.
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Choiix, The Anti Low Batt

Running out of battery has always been the biggest problem most users have classified smartphone gadgets. Naturally, the use of the Internet, high-resolution screen, User Interface (UI) is smooth, requiring a lot of power to use. This one phrase, “low batt”, has become one of the hated by the gadget users.

Choiix seem to offer a solution to the problem of the battery. Serves as a power storage bank or power, this device could recharge your smartphone without having to inhibit the activity of the mobile users. With this function, Choiix into the category of power solutions are distributed by Wellcomm Shop.

When tested in the laboratory OktoMagazine, the device is able to recharge all the devices that use the micro and mini USB. No matter what brand of phone, Choiix still filled indiscriminately, of course, as long as it uses both the USB. It’s making it a universal portable charger.
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2012 Windows 8 Will Market Dominance

Year 2011 may be a bleak year for Windows, especially on the development of the OS on a tablet computer. The fact has been said that the public was harmed by the problems arising from the poor performance of its software. Gloom is evidenced by Forrester Research, one of the leading market research company in the United States, which last November released the results of its research.

In these studies demonstrated consumer interest towards Windows-based tablet dropped dramatically. In early 2011, 46 percent of respondents would like to have a Windows-based tablet, but in the third quarter of the number plummeted to 25 percent. In the Forrester report also states, “Windows 8 is promising, but there is no movement to boost their products.” Statement is what invites the researchers commented hard.

According to researchers at the lab gadgets (Gadget Lab), what is conveyed by Forrester Research is a shame. According to Gadget Lab, Windows 8 is a device that is very complete. Microsoft certainly has proven and Gadget Lab was very impressed and can not wait to wait for the shipment of products from Microsoft that reportedly will release a beta version in February 2012.
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