Twitter users type are you?

In the midst of visual technologies that have increasingly sophisticated today, the text still get heart among the young and old alike. Twitter has proved it. Classified as a unique social network, only through the 140 characters Twitter is able to attract millions of users. Even in China with strict Internet control system, Twitter users have penetrated 300 million.

Among the millions of users, there are eight types of Twitter users based on his tweet. Including type are you?

This type has the ability to captivate people when reading his tweets, although limited by 140 characters. Be prepared for your smile when he saw his tweet or tweet when commenting and responding to others.

Tour Guide
Want to feel the experience of others in direct view sights, or the food being enjoyed, recommended tweeps to follow this type. Usually, this is the type of person who shared the experience. This type is like ‘invite’ you in every experience he feels. Link photo will be installed in his tweet.

No matter if his tweet is interesting or not, they still would pass on information to others. This type of twitter users will gather information and share it in the form of video or news. Occasionally the information could have been useful. But if too much information is less useful, certainly quite boring and unfollow may be the best solution.

In this update column, there emblazoned the words “what’s happening?”, And this type will usually be according to tweet Twitter-style with the standard questions. Any activity he was doing would be reported to Twitter, ranging from waking up went back to bed. Type a very tedious course, broadcasters such as the type in the frequency tweet too often.

Self Promotion
If you feel you do not like his work, it would be better to immediately unfollow Why this type. This type is usually the writer who thinks you’ll like the results of his work. So he will talk about his work through tweet for promotional purposes, so as to meet your timeline.

Trash. Yes, this type always look at Twitter as “trash” that devotes all of his anger through tweet. By devoting all of them to Twitter so he’ll feel better. Starting from a trivial incident that happened in the virtual world, to major events that happened in the real world. Not surprisingly, the timeline will be filled with lots of capital letters, as an expression of anger. For some reason, there are still followers who follow it. Perhaps followers of this type have the same distaste, but did not dare to reveal, for example, to get angry about work.

Twitter asks the column update “what’s happening?”, But this type will ask back, like “hungry ya, delicious eating what?” Or “Confused , between going to college in the U.S. what Ausie huh?”. Type is always exploit Twitter to address their needs, and is always full consideration in determining his choice. fact, this type usually also ‘show off’ even though his tweet like a man who always feel the need consideration. however, for those men who are catch girl type, good luck to closer with you to answer questions.

Celebrity Twitter
Twitter seems to be a new medium for celebrities to interact with fans. Typically, this type pleased adored by his followers (often re-tweet good things against him). But anyway, celebrities are also human beings, they sometimes joke with fellow celebrities here. In addition, they are often a type of self-promotion to boost its image.