HZ800: Qualified Headset, Futuristic Design

The need for freedom is very important call. The use of cord wrapped around can certainly interfere with the motion of having to fix the cable loops. But when you want to switch to a Bluetooth headset, another concern arises on sound quality. Motorola HZ800 try to address these issues and concerns.

Motorola HZ800 promises the best sound quality by dampening the sound of wind and noise from outside, so the recipient can clearly hear the sound of his interlocutor on the other side.

Do not just believe the promise, OktoMagazine trying to prove himself. When looking at his first appearance, HZ800 looks quite stylish and compact design with a shiny body looks elegant. Seeing the designs brought to films like Star Trek with futuristic tools.

Quite by design, HZ800 also try to be connected to the device. When turned on and connected to your smartphone, Motorola’s Bluetooth headset output directly to try to detect the device.

There is no problem in connected to smartphones, MP3 Player lit. The voice sounded gently, quite clear. Apparently also no problem with the sound quality, so that the noise disturbed concerns when calls were excluded. This is not out of the use CrystalTalk technology that serves to dampen the noise disturbing.

Additionally, it features stealth mode michrophone can guarantee the recipient will not be disturbed by the sound of the wind. Practicality was also noticed by Motorola by applying voice control to answer a phone call.

HZ800 also support for MotoSpeak, the application is able to convert text into voice. So no need to bother opening the message on the screen, just HZ800 are read to you. So did the opposite, the sound can also be converted to text so that it is mobile user activity HZ800.

Lucky HZ800 is a universal Bluetooth headset, making it compatible with smartphones, which on average has adopted Bluetooth technology. To get it easy, just to Wellcomm Shop outlets nearby.