MOTOROKR EQ3, Speaker Protable For mobilers

Activity requires all mobile devices must be portable. No exception to the speakers who helped to bring the music and entertainment with better sound, rather than just listening via speakerphone that is mediocre. Fortunately, Motorola brings MOTOROKR EQ3 capable of meeting the portable music entertainment.

MOTOROKR EQ3 first glance seem unique, with a box that folds open and eject the two sides of the speakers. With a black and silver colored body parts glossy make a speaker with the EQ3 compact shape, simple, and elegant.

Design EQ3 has a pretty neat design by hiding components behind two hinged joints. When open, the speakers can be set so that the angular rate helps produce the best sound.

In the back, under the battery cover there is a 3.55 mm jack stored neatly. This cable is quite short, 10 cm, but it comes with an extension cable that can be used to connect to the audio player.

MOTOROKR EQ3 is powered by four AAA batteries are handy to use when it is in a location that does not have a power source. Moreover, it also has an internal battery that can be recharged.

While testing his voice, MOTOROKR EQ3 capable sound pretty good. It fits perfectly when used on a camping trip, while listening to the music of this country from EQ3. With an acoustic music, will bring listeners music from EQ3 is reminisce with ease.

The music lovers and movie lovers can get MOTOROKR EQ3 portable speakers in Wellcomm Shop outlets nearby. Go mobilers!