The power shift occurred in the Microsoft

A new year, a new leader. Apparently it happened at Microsoft at the time before the turn of the year. Microsoft’s Andy Lees ouster from office, Head of Windows Phone Business Division.

Terry Myerson is a trustworthy person to fill the vacancy left by Less. He will be responsible for business development, marketing and other things. Myerson was previously a vice president of corporate affairs phone unit technique.

While the Less, who has served as head of the Windows Phone over the past three years, will remain under CEO Steve Ballmer. In his new position, he will focus on the steps Microsoft in general with a focus on the various types of devices ranging from mobile to PC. Despite its position as president, it remains unclear who will anchor the Less.

“I have asked Andy Less to move to a new role working for me at a critical time focusing on the opportunity to drive maximum impact Windows Phone and Windows 8 in 2012,” Ballmer said in the internal memo OktoMagazine quoted from AllThingsD, Monday, December 13, 2011.

In September this year, Ballmer noted at the meeting that the company’s analyst meeting Windows Phone sales have not achieved what the company expected. Despite getting positive reviews, Microsoft has yet to gain significant market share with Windows Phone.

“We have tremendous potential with Windows Phone and Windows 8, and this move makes us really focus on encouraging potential,” Ballmer said.

According to Ballmer, Andy has three years of leading the mobile phone group, we’ve come a long way. We have reset our strategy, built a strong team to deliver Windows Phone 7 and Mango update and create new partnerships and critical ecosystem around Windows Phone.

Next year, a crucial time for Microsoft’s mobile business, especially now Nokia becomes a key partner who has released the first Windows Phone devices.

Regarding the person who replaces Andy Less, Myerson is not new to Microsoft. He joined Microsoft in 1997, when Microsoft bought Interse Corporation, a company founded by him. Myerson be part of a team to break down Microsoft’s mobile phone software, in the success of the iPhone.