Majel, Siri Competitor Google Applications

Siri, a app from Apple who was loved by the community. Serves as a voice-based personal assistant, this is used on the iPhone 4S. It seems that Google does not want to miss and preparing Majel as ‘Siri Killer’.

According to a report from Android and Me, Google responds to Siri voice assistance app release since a few months ago. Mid-December, finally continuation information from Google’s secret project is revealed.

“For starters codenamed Majel, which comes from Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, better known as computer assistance that can emit sound from the movie Star Trek,” said the founder of Android and Me, Taylor.

Majel is an evolution of Google to create a voice-based assistance applications, such as Siri. Taylor revealed that the application will be available in the near future on most Android smartphones, and users can give commands like “send text to …” or “navigate to …”. With the addition of Natural Language feature, allowing users to speak naturally.

Also, it seems Google will incorporate its search features into this application. The possibility of the end of this year Majel will be finished, so that had to be released to the market in around January or February next year.

This information was confirmed by the Director of Android OS User Experience, Matias Duarte, in an interview with Slashgear. “Our approach is more like a real Star Trek, the starship Enterprise; every part of the surface computed; everything based sound. This does not mean that the personality is lost and is not named, but this is just a computer, “he said.