Where Do Your Sex? Soon login!

Like to share information about your current existence? Foursquare is probably one of the applications you commonly use to share information about where you are. With the application, you can tell all your friends where you are, shopping, dinner, or enjoy live music in the café.

Now comes an interesting application that can tell where you’ve just made love with your partner. The application is called “I Just Made Love” (IJML), an application that could provide a place where you just made love. The working principle is similar to the Foursquare app. He will mark the places where you’ve just made a pretty personal activities with the GPS-tag and pass it to your friends.

Today, the unique application you can download and available for Android and iPhone. The application also provides a variety of interesting features. You can choose the location where you will love, such as “outdoor”, “indoor”, in the car or on the couch. This application also provides a tag on the style that you use during sex are represented by stick figures images. In addition to providing information about the place and the style you love, IJML also provides a column for comments of your friends about the action you just did.

In the official website, IJML also provide some data on the number of people who have used the application and the number of login users. According to the data set, the number of log most of the region of Eastern Europe, where there are 54,879 points. While in the midwest United States alone recorded 26,137 points and 10,436 points making love recorded in the states of the northeast. Now recorded 201,049 people who have used the application and the number is believed to be growing along with the increasing number of downloaders.

IJML himself has claimed that the application has been downloaded about 10,000 times by Android users. You want to try it can directly visit the official website for immediate download IJML great applications for free. Keen to spread information about the location of your lovemaking?