Do Not Want Harassed, Download This Application

Currently, the level of violence and sexual harassment of women appeared to be increasing. However, with the growing technology, it can slowly been anticipated.

Now, a new application has been launched on Wednesday, December 21, 2011, in New Delhi, India. Applications called “Fight Back” is deliberately designed to reduce violence against women lately is increasing in number. With this application, the women will be able to instantly tell friends and family when they are threatened.

The use of applications developed by Fight Back Whypoll, also looks pretty easy. We can send you information about the threats we face by simply pressing a button and the message “SOS” will be sent via SMS, email, Facebook and Twitter. Once the SOS is activated, the receiving party will be able to track our location via GPS to give us help.

One of the co-founder Whypoll, Hindo Sengupta, revealed that this application can also be set to call the police when we are threatened. However, the main focus of the application is to provide information to friends and family. “The people of India more dependent on family and closest friends because we do not trust the system,” said Sengupta told AFP quoted OktoMagazine. “Once you send the SOS, your friends and family will immediately call the police and pressure them to do something.”

But unfortunately, until now still not clear coordination between Fight Back app is designed to be used on Nokia, Samsung, HTC and BlackBerry, with the police after authorities received the SOS message. AFP also said that this application is not recognized or known by the police.

Application development is based on the increasing number of crimes against women in India. “I grew up in India and the city is not a safe city. Even lately getting worse, “said Shweta Punj as co-founder of Whypoll OktoMagazine quoted by AFP. “As a woman, you can not feel comfortable when walking on the highway. I am very disturbed by the violence and wanted to do something to change it. ”

The growth rate of the economy in India is increasing employment opportunities for women. However, these women feel that they are also at risk for receiving sexual violence while commuting to and from work conclusion. New Delhi is currently topping the list of “Least Safe Cities For Women In India”, where there are 459 cases of rape in 2009 and rose sharply in 2010, with the number of 489 cases in 2010.

With increasing cases of violence and rape against women in Indonesia, this application seems useful enough to help protect women from sexual violence.