Choiix, The Anti Low Batt

Running out of battery has always been the biggest problem most users have classified smartphone gadgets. Naturally, the use of the Internet, high-resolution screen, User Interface (UI) is smooth, requiring a lot of power to use. This one phrase, “low batt”, has become one of the hated by the gadget users.

Choiix seem to offer a solution to the problem of the battery. Serves as a power storage bank or power, this device could recharge your smartphone without having to inhibit the activity of the mobile users. With this function, Choiix into the category of power solutions are distributed by Wellcomm Shop.

When tested in the laboratory OktoMagazine, the device is able to recharge all the devices that use the micro and mini USB. No matter what brand of phone, Choiix still filled indiscriminately, of course, as long as it uses both the USB. It’s making it a universal portable charger.

The charger has two connectors are used to generate power to the outside, and to charge into. If electrical power is up, Choiix can be recharged using a cable connecting to a power source. If it is full, the indicator light will light up with static or lit all.

There are two types, each capable of producing different power, 2700, and 5600 mAh. Choiix 2700 mAh can fully charge the device for two hours. While using the Choiix 5600 mAh, can recharge faster one hour.

Comes with two colors, white and black, Choiix has a stylish and compact design also comes with a travel bag, so it is not embarrassing to carry anywhere. In fact, it can make the people around you closer because you want to borrow it to charge a cell phone low batt.

Not hard to get it, just come to Wellcomm Shop nearby, and Choiix and two cables, micro USB and mini USB, it can fit into the bag to carry anywhere. So, ready for your Choiix?