2012 Windows 8 Will Market Dominance

Year 2011 may be a bleak year for Windows, especially on the development of the OS on a tablet computer. The fact has been said that the public was harmed by the problems arising from the poor performance of its software. Gloom is evidenced by Forrester Research, one of the leading market research company in the United States, which last November released the results of its research.

In these studies demonstrated consumer interest towards Windows-based tablet dropped dramatically. In early 2011, 46 percent of respondents would like to have a Windows-based tablet, but in the third quarter of the number plummeted to 25 percent. In the Forrester report also states, “Windows 8 is promising, but there is no movement to boost their products.” Statement is what invites the researchers commented wired.com hard.

According to researchers at the lab gadgets wired.com (Gadget Lab), what is conveyed by Forrester Research is a shame. According to Gadget Lab, Windows 8 is a device that is very complete. Microsoft certainly has proven and Gadget Lab was very impressed and can not wait to wait for the shipment of products from Microsoft that reportedly will release a beta version in February 2012.
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Gadget Industry Predictions in 2012

A beginning of the year is always followed by predictions for the year ahead. So it is with the technology industry in 2012, seems to be presenting new things exciting. As predicted from NewsFactor who surveyed several leading technology industry observers. What are the predictions?

Unite Desktop and Mobile
Al Hilwa, program director for applications development software IDC, predicts that the ecosystem of desktop and mobile application development will begin unification (convergence) they were in 2012. It seems in the industry, Windows 8 will start it is expected to come out this year.

Touch Revolution for Software Company
As part of the convergence, Hilwa said that 2012 will be the emergence of the touch revolution for enterprise software. He predicts that applications will think twice to use the touch screen, such as the latest from Adobe, and it will encourage developers to think of new possibilities. The most dramatic changes will occur in the User Interface (UI) technologies since the move from text to graphics.
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Obama Use Instagram In U.S. Election 2012

General election (election) president of the United States (U.S.) 2012 is rapidly approaching and busy talking. Creativity in the use of Internet technology was in the spotlight as did Barack Obama in the 2008 election with the campaign Facebook page. The use of internet technology what else will be rapidly adopted in the next U.S. election this?

Is Instagram, a photo-sharing application that uses the device from Apple, which seems to flare used in the presidential elections to be held next November. Photo sharing app known for retro filters that allows people to share photos with each other than the iPhone, iPod Touches and iPad. This will be new territory for Obama campaign in 2012.

“Interesting to welcome President Barack Obama to Instagram,” Instagram said, as quoted by the Los Angeles OktoMagazine of Time in the first week of this year.
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WaterBlock, Make Your Gadget Water Resistant

Have you ever dropped your iPhone or any other gadget in the water? Chances are that when the device is dry, it may not be working or not working as it should. Despite the use of protective devices, still water will get into the inside of the device.

HzO, a company based in Utah, USA, at the International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2012 show WaterBlock technology, technology that serves to counteract the water. Protection from the outside by using the casing would not solve the problem take in water. With WaterBlock, the device is totally coated at a molecular level and protect it inside out.

The working principle is based on nanotechnology WaterBlock the vapor layer. This technology not only protects the device from water, but also overcome the problems caused by moist air. By using organic ingredients are non-toxic so WaterBlock in the category of environmentally friendly technologies.
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Social Networking Trends in 2012

Growing social network in 2011. Several large companies participate in competition with developing social networks. Some were successful, some drowned and was not heard from again. What is the condition of social networking in the 2012’s?

The founder of social networking consulting firm Digital Royalty, Amy Works, describes the mapping of social networking trends in 2012. Expected, the trend of social networking will be more social by engaging TV in it. Like what?

TV Social Integration
Many are already integrating with social networking TV, either through polling or integrating elements of the social networking in a show. To maintain the rating, the television industry such as CNN and Fox, the more involved the audience to be able to engage directly with social networking integrated with TV.
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Ask Google India and Facebook Block Content

Being widespread opposition to SOPA, a bill that could threaten Internet freedom in the United States (U.S.), two Internet giants Google and Facebook actually asked by the high court of India to block offensive content on their sites.

Google and Facebook are two of the 21 companies that have been asked to develop a mechanism of blocking content on their respective sites. The decision was issued after the filing of the petition are that the content including images deemed offensive to Hindus, Muslims and Christians to be blocked.

The court’s decision was based on a law passed last year in the country’s biggest Hindu, the company responsible for user content posted on their sites. With this, the 36 hours since the decision was taken companies must follow the court’s decision.
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After Hijack, Hackers Men-tweet location

I do not know what’s on your mind when it tells hackers location on Foursquare, through dibajaknya Twitter account. This is like telling people who hijacked his account of the presence of the offender. No half-hearted, Twitter account hijacked by hackers who are less intelligent is an account owned by celebrities Ashton Kutcher, media Huffington Post, and actor Eric Stonestreet.

Ashton Kutcher and more people began to be known when starring in films Dude, Where’s My Car?, That ’70s Show, Two and a Half Men, and Kutcher is also known as the former husband of Demi Moore. After divorce with Moore, Kutcher reportedly had an intimate relationship with the artist, singer and screenwriter Lorene Scafaria.
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One More Officials Yahoo! Kicked Out

Co-founder of Yahoo!, Jerry Yang, quit the Internet company he started in 1995’s. The cessation of one of the internet giant for meeting the demands of shareholders who considers himself pursuing an ineffective personal vision and results in poor investment companies.

Yang’s departure from Yahoo! impressed suddenly, not long after Scott Thompson was appointed as CEO two weeks earlier. Scott replaces Carol Bartz, with a mandate to restore the glory of Yahoo! as the ’90s.

In connection with the release of Yang of Yahoo!, Wall Street saw it as a way to pave the way for an injection of cash from private equity, or a deal to sell a 40 percent stake in Alibaba, China’s largest Internet company. Yahoo! shares were up 3 percent on the same day, Tuesday, January 17, 2012.
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PB-2600, Free Smartphone From Low-Batt

Having one or more than one smart phone in hand, and kept in a bag, would be ready with the consequence that the battery life of a smart phone is difficult to reach a long time.

It may be, as an essential condition of a sudden the words “low-batt” in the phone screen, and followed later with a black screen indicating that your smart phone is dead.

A bank power (charger) could be a solution. But that should be of concern is that not all banks have the power of the same quality. Prices were also able to determine the quality in some cases. Therefore, we need to be careful in determining the quality and the power of banks to be able to charge your smart phone steady.

One alternative offered by Wellcomm Shop by presenting Synaps PB-2600 has two connectors – Micro USB and Apple 30 pin – in one cable. Unlike other connectors have multiple branches, power bank contains only one branch, but with two connectors that can be used on the iPhone and iPod, and also able to bring the best quality charging BlackBerry, HTC, LG, Samsung, and various mobile Other smart. Continue reading “PB-2600, Free Smartphone From Low-Batt”

Installing Anti-Malware Twitter

Twitter plans to launch advertising services, social networking seems to make it to 140 characters to be serious security issues. Because the common account hijacking cases were found on Twitter. It seems that make Twitter acquires Dasient, service protection against spam and malware.

On the day Monday, January 23, 2012, announced, Dasient will be integrated into Twitter. “They have a deep understanding of advertising platform security issues,” said a spokeswoman for Twitter, Rachael Horwitz. This team will be very valuable for Twitter to expand its ad products.

Dasient is an anti-spam company based in California, United States (U.S.). Founded by former Google employees and funded by Google Ventures, the company launched its “anti-malvertising”, which actively securing ad networks.
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