Welcome to iPad 3

Ignore the first all rumors about the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 and welcome the arrival of the iPad 3! You may not think that Apple has closed the door after the arrival of the iPhone 4S, is not it? Of course not, because apparently Apple did not think to take a break in order to develop “tablets of stone” him.

Analysts from Susquehanna Financial, Jeff Fidacaro, saying that Apple is being ramped up production activities because they plan to produce, one step ahead of the schedule, as many as one million iPad 3 this year.

“Based on our observations in the last month, we can now see approximately 600,000 to one million iPad 3 has appeared in a production plan for the fourth quarter in 2011,” until Fidacaro told AllThingsD. Preparation for the next Apple product launch has been run and will likely be done in early March 2012, the same month when the iPad 2 was issued in 2011.
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Will Motorola Xoom 4G Upgrade

Motorola Xoom promises users will upgrade to 4G. Similarly, as quoted from Digital Trends OktoMagazine.

Motorola Xoom which was launched earlier this year, is currently supported 3G network and will be upgradeable to 4G LTE network which would raise a faster Internet capabilities.

This upgrade will be launched in the near future. The good news, Xoom users will not be charged for this upgrade. The bad news, Xoom owners in Indonesia has not been able to get the upgrade because the facility is not yet available 4G LTE network, be patient and pray once wrote networks built soon.
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Amazon Challenge Apple With Kindle Fire

Apple seems to be a common enemy now dominate the market. Apple in the past year was at war with Samsung in the gadget market as well as in ‘green table’, is now being challenged by Amazon tablet market.

Jeff Bezos said that Amazon has launched a range of products that are expected to disrupt the dominance of Apple in the tablet market. One is the Kindle Fire, which is staying as a potential rival the iPad. Unfortunately, this product will only be available in the U.S., as quoted by The Independent

With a size of 7-inch, touch-screen tablet is smaller than the iPad 2. The price is cheaper . The capacity of the can to keep 10 thousand movies, 17 million songs, and magazines.
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Android Application for Fans of One Direction

Teenager who did not know One Direction. In fact, the popularity of boy band from the UK, Ireland has managed to equal Justin Bieber. One Direction became one of the major phenomena that have occurred in the world entertainment scene.

Since its emergence in 2011 and through selling album Up All Night which won several multiplatinum, boy band X-Factor UK finalists of 2010, consisting of Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson, the more widely known in seantreo world. In fact, as the fangs in the world of entertainment, last year’s One Direction reportedly capable of generating £ 100 million, or equivalent to Rp15, 5 billion in just two years. Continue reading “Android Application for Fans of One Direction”

Online Consultation With ‘Doctor Free’

When hurt, most people usually go to the doctor for treatment. However, if you are ill and not strong enough to go to the doctor, then you should try this one way, namely by using the mobile application Free doctor.

What is Doctor Internet and how to use it?

Take advantage of mobile phone do you have to access the Internet Doctor online. In this application you get a free consultation about any health concerns you. Interestingly, the physician is given also not arbitrary. They are the doctors who are certified in Indonesia.

The services provided are usually in the form of advice, tips on health (medical advise), and the introduction of the early symptoms of the cause of your complaint. This service is not accompanied by a diagnosis also recipes, so that users are still advised to consult directly and face to face with the doctor.
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EyeEm Try Break Domination Instagram

Since acquired Instagram by Facebook and can be used by users of Android, Instagram users grow more and more and the photos are uploaded via Instagram even more countless.

That’s why many app developers are racing to create a program similar Instagram photo sharing, one of the best is EyeEm. So what advantages this kind of application Instagram?

EyeEm presents an attractive interaction among the users. EyeEm has the features and capabilities similar to Instagram, but it also has its own uniqueness.
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Regular Exercise With Android Help

In addition to keeping your diet, regular exercise is also very beneficial for health. Indeed, for some urban communities that almost all of his time spent in the office seating and a computer screen, it is quite difficult. However, it never hurts to try.

For users of Android, there are several applications that can be used to help you exercise regularly.

Noom Weight Loss Coach
The first application is Noom Weight Loss Coach. Regular exercise and fitness must also be balanced by a regular diet anyway, and by using Noom Weight Loss Coach, you can control your calorie intake per day.

If you’re in a diet program, this application can also help you. To use this application, the first thing to do is to define your goals. You can enter the amount of weight you wish to remove from the body.
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Easy Travelling Through Android Application

Not only used as a tool to communicate, now Smartphones can also be used to take pictures, record video, and can even be used for traveling. Yes, for you Android users, there are several applications that can be used to help you when you’re traveling to foreign countries.

Travel Expense
The first application is the Travel Expense. Is a travel application that can help to take notes and record all expenses while you are on a sightseeing trip. Be easier for you to find out where are the funds that you carry during traveling issued, for expenses that you do really well you note and discipline through this application.

Travel Expense also provides features which currencies are used when traveling, and we can easily arrange any type of currency is used. You can get the Travel Expense for $ 3.09 in the Android Store.
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Glimmr, Photography Lovers Special Applications

For those of you who love photography activity using a smart phone would have been familiar with Flickr. Free photo sharing service provider Yahoo! has been used by thousands of users.

And now began many emerging applications that have very similar functionality to Flickr, one of the best is Glimmr. This application allows you to edit, view and share photos from Flickr. To use this application, you need to log in using your Yahoo! ID and from there, the photos from your Flickr account to be synchronized.

What’s good about that thumbnail picture Glimmr is larger than the normal size of a thumbnail photo. You certainly will not have difficulty in finding some of the photos where these photos are now displayed in a large size and is very easy to see.
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